A Hickey for Harriet / A Cradle for Caroline

Published Date: April 1, 2003

Available in

384 Pages
978-0373441631; 0373441630


Two complete novels by Nancy Warren.


A Hickey for Harriet

Hot sports reporter Steve Ackerman has his pick of women. When he finds out geeky co-worker Harriet MacPherson’s lifelong dream is to be a cheerleader, he’s determined to help her achieve her goal. It doesn’t hurt that she agrees to be the focus of a page one article in the Pasqualie Standard. But when Harriet earns her pom-poms, she becomes the cheerleader everyone—including Steve—wants to be seen with…


A Cradle for Caroline

Former model Caroline Kushner has the perfect life—a gorgeous husband, money and an amazing marriage. At least, she did have a great marriage. She and Jonathon aren’t exactly speaking right now, but not because her husband hasn’t tried everything from covert meetings to kidnapping! He’s determined to get Caro back in his life…especially when she finds out she’s expecting the unexpected!

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