Published Date: October 1, 2002

Available in

256 Pages
978-0373790616; 0373790619


Sophie Morton has no sense of direction, in geography or in life, and when she’s lost she suffers panic attacks. Lost in a bad part of Vancouver, she pulls over to catch her breath when she spots a lean and dangerous looking man attacking a woman. Without thought for her own safety, Sophie tackles the man, knocks him down and breaks his leg. Except Blake Barker isn’t a criminal, but a cop who’d been about to arrest a member of a notorious Asian triad before Sophie interfered and helped the woman escape.


When it turns out that the investment bank Sophie works for is suspected of laundering the triad’s drug money, and one employee dies under suspicious circumstances, Blake is sent in undercover to the bank: cast, crutches and all.


Sophie and Blake don’t much like each other, but their sexual attraction is too intense to resist. When it’s clear Sophie’s                 life is in danger, she’s forced to move in with Blake for protection. Maybe he can protect her body while he pleasures her, but who’s going to protect her heart?

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