By the Book

Published Date: May 1, 2003

Available in

249 Pages
978-0373790890; 0373790899


He’s going to love her, chapter by chapter.


Shari Wilson would love nothing more than to have a wild night with her downstairs neighbor Luke Lawson. When she accidentally discovers that he’s bought a book called Sex for Total Morons: A How To Guide, she knows the wild night is out of the question! But when Luke asks her for lovemaking lessons, Shari decides to do her part for all women and make him the best lover ever — and she’ll do it all by the book…


When Luke wrote Sex for Total Morons he wondered if a how-to book can really work. Now he’s got the perfect opportunity to find out. In an ego crushing moment, he discovers that his sexy neighbor believes he’s sent for the book. Luke isn’t about to let this opportunity pass. Shari’s a teacher and he can’t wait to be her willing student all night long.

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