Hot Off the Press

Published Date: February 1, 2003

Available in

224 Pages
978-0373691159; 0373691157


She’s hot for a story…


Movie reviewer Tess Elliot is just itching for the chance to prove herself as a serious reporter. All she needs is a juicy                 story to get the recognition she needs. When the perfect story practically falls in her lap, she’s all over it. But rival reporter and resident bad boy Mike Grundel wants in on the action, too. Tess is determined not to let him beat her to the punch and will do what she has to do…even if it means falling for the sexy rebel.


He’s hot for her…


Rich princesses were never on Mike’s list of conquests. But then, Tess isn’t your typical rich princess. Underneath the prim and proper exterior, he knows an improper vixen is waiting to be unleashed. It’s so easy to take her on and compete for a front page story. Of course, Mike isn’t interested only in reporting…getting under Tess’s skin is as much fun. Now it’s getting her under the covers that’s going to take some work!

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