Under the Influence

Published Date: February 1, 2009

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224 Pages
978-0373794560; 0373794568


Sexy bartender Johnny Santini mixes one wicked martini. Or so efficiency expert Natalie Fanshaw discovers when she takes a seat at his beachfront bar one lonely night. It’s Valentine’s Day, and they’re the only single people in the heart-strewn place!


Natalie knows she spends too much time with her spreadsheets—she’s forgotten what it’s like to be between the sheets. Johnny is such a charmer, mixing his signature cocktails while making her feel s-o-o-o very special. And when he asks her to help him create a fab new drink for the town’s upcoming martini contest, Natalie can’t say no.


A fantasy fling with Johnny could be a recipe for disaster. But hey, she could always claim to be under the influence!


RT TOP PICK: Cleverly written with wonderfully drawn characters, humor, a heartwarming romance and great sex all make this a perfect Valentine’s Day winner. Natalie Fanshaw is working temporarily at a resort hotel on the beach in California. She’s sensible, organized and practical—traits suitable for her job as a management consultant, in which she parachutes into towns to fix businesses. When she meets Johnny Santini, a bartender with a reputation as Hot Johnny, Natalie decides to fulfill her sexual fantasy by having sex with a stranger. But Natalie and Johnny are more than they seem and as her time there comes to an end, she isn’t sure she wants to leave. But how can their lives fit together? ~ RT Book Reviews



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