Under the Influence

Sexy bartender Johnny Santini mixes one wicked martini. Or so efficiency expert Natalie Fanshaw discovers when she takes a seat at his beachfront bar one lonely night. It’s Valentine’s Day, and they’re the only single people in the heart-strewn place!
Natalie knows she spends too much time with her spreadsheets—she’s forgotten what it’s like to be between the sheets.
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French Kissing

“Fashion crime” takes on a whole new meaning…
Manhattan magazine writer and fashionista Kimi Renton is one of the beautiful people at couture week in Paris. This time she’s stuck with a rumpled PI posing as her photographer. Holden MacGreggor is atough-guy gorgeous—and badly attired. So if he’s going to play the part right, she’s going to have to dress him properly…then undress him slowly.
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Turn Two

Ex-spouses are perfectly capable of playing it cool professionally…aren’t they?
One year ago Mike Lundquist was a nobody sports writer. Now he’s the hot racing columnist. And he’s genuinely shocked to spot his ex-wife swapping canapés with the guys. What’s she doing on his turf?
Taylor Robinson knows the media. She knows NASCAR…and she’s determined to be the best PR flack this side of the Smokies.
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Speed Dating

One minute I’m locked out of my hotel room, and the next…
Dylan Hargreave thinks I’m an actress paid to pose as his girlfriend at a North Carolina society wedding. How did this happen to me, of all people? Kendall Clarke, award-winning actuary, the veritable shining star of number crunchers who, just hours ago, learned her responsible fiancé (sorry, ex-fiancé) called off our wedding because he’d gotten one of my colleagues pregnant.
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The Trouble with Twins

They have so much baggage between them they could open a store!
She’s nearly broke and raising two kids on her own, thanks to her deadbeat ex. He’s dealing with a pair of mischief-making twins still grieving the loss of their mother. To top it all off, as the CEO of her bank, he has the power to make or break her future.
But there is an undeniable connection between Melissa Theisen and Seth O’Reilly. And their children get along great.
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“Great in bed… A suit…” spa owner Mercedes Estevez wrote on J. D. McClary’s business card after they broke up. Now the lawyer’s card rested with many other men’s in the glass “booty,” all up for grabs by the female dating pool in Mercedes’s building. It was a fun way to meet new men!
Except Mercedes drew J.D.’s card herself at the weekly booty call—and couldn’t resist contacting him.
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Perfect Timing
“Pistols at Dawn”

Stories by Nancy Warren, Julie Kenner, and Jo Leigh.
Pistols at Dawn, by Nancy Warren
What if the best sex you ever had was 200 years ago? After breaking off her engagement, Natalie Bowman finds herself in the 1800s being auctioned off as a sex slave! She’s even more shocked when the highest bidder is Andrew Greenwood—the fiancé she dumped.
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Private Relations

In 200 words describe your hottest fantasy…
That’s the sizzling premise behind the Fantasy Weekend Contest at Hush Hotel in Manhattan. PR director Kit Prescott has outdone herself promoting a hotel catering to the senses – until she welcomes the first winner.
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Earthquake aftershocks trap Mayor Patrick O’Shea and his assistant Briana Bliss in an elevator. But emergency services are stretched to the limit with 911 calls. The mayor and Briana wait. And passions flare…
Briana Bliss planned to use her job as Mayor Patrick O’Shea’s assistant to get back at him for allegedly destroying her uncles’ political chances. But she’s unprepared for the way Patrick makes her feel.
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