Underneath It all

New York executive Darren Kaiser has it all—looks, money, women. Since being voted Bachelor of the Year by a national magazine, he’s ready to disappear… and moving to Seattle disguised as a nerd is just the way to keep his identity a secret. But he hasn’t counted on meeting Kate—his gorgeous neighbor and a woman he’d gladly bare all to.
When Kate Monahan meets “Dean,” she’s not sure what to think of him.
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Stroke of Midnight

Stories by Nancy Warren, Jamie Denton, and Carrie Alexander.
Three women…one party…endless possibilities…
Fashion writer Natalie Trent, fabric designer Isabel Parisi and accountant Arianne Sorenson were ready for a night they’d never forget. Last year they left the annual Monticello ball single…this time will be different.
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It Happened One Christmas
“A Catered Affair”

Stories by Nancy Warren, Susan Wiggs, and Jule McBride.
‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city not a single woman was stirring except…Manhattan blue blood Eve St. James. Could she forgo the air-kissing society scene for real love…with a Brooklyn cop?
Up-and-coming caterer Marina Shields. She’s seduced right out of her apron by CEO Clay Archer and into her own catered affair.
And Scrooge-in-heels marketing exec Kim Winkler.
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Fringe Benefits

After being fired from her last job because a creepy co-worker hit on her and she hit back, Jane Stafford has decided enough is enough. To keep men at bay, she dons a fake wedding band in the hopes of being judged on her brains and not her beauty. Then Jane meets her new boss and she’s not sure her foolproof plan was so smart after all.
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By the Book

He’s going to love her, chapter by chapter.
Shari Wilson would love nothing more than to have a wild night with her downstairs neighbor Luke Lawson.
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A Hickey for Harriet / A Cradle for Caroline

Two complete novels by Nancy Warren.
A Hickey for Harriet
Hot sports reporter Steve Ackerman has his pick of women. When he finds out geeky co-worker Harriet MacPherson’s lifelong dream is to be a cheerleader, he’s determined to help her achieve her goal. It doesn’t hurt that she agrees to be the focus of a page one article in the Pasqualie Standard.
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Hot Off the Press

She’s hot for a story…
Movie reviewer Tess Elliot is just itching for the chance to prove herself as a serious reporter. All she needs is a juicy                 story to get the recognition she needs. When the perfect story practically falls in her lap, she’s all over it. But rival reporter and resident bad boy Mike Grundel wants in on the action, too.
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Sophie Morton has no sense of direction, in geography or in life, and when she’s lost she suffers panic attacks. Lost in a bad part of Vancouver, she pulls over to catch her breath when she spots a lean and dangerous looking man attacking a woman. Without thought for her own safety, Sophie tackles the man, knocks him down and breaks his leg.
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A whisper in the night…
Lawyer Genna Monroe doesn’t mean to eavesdrop on a private romantic liaison one sultry night in New Orleans. When she hears the man’s sexy whisper, though, she feels as if he’s seducing her. Now she can’t get his voice out of her mind and just thinking of him isn’t enough.
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