Courting Chloe (The British are Coming Book 4)

London meets Texas!
Chloe Flynt has a niche relationship business. Instead of being a matchmaker, she’s a matchbreaker, helping people get out of relationships that aren’t working. A spoiled Londoner who moves to Texas for a fresh start, she’s got a very interesting landlord and neighbor, Matthew Tanner, ex-cop, all round gorgeous tough guy. Chloe’s in for some surprises in this romantic comedy —
and so is Texas.
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The British Are Coming: George

Will his illustrious past destroy his future?
What’s an earl to do?
George is one of the most eligible bachelors in England. He’s young, gorgeous and a trained architect. He is also the 19th Earl of Ponsford, and that means he’s stuck with a crumbling five hundred year old estate, a village that depends on the estate for its livelihood and a staff who disapprove of his efforts to modernize the place and bring in the cash they so desperately need.
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The British Are Coming: Jack

No commitment? No problem!
Rachel Larraby has had a lousy year. Her divorce became final and the five star restaurant where she was head chef closed. She’d still be on the couch watching Friends reruns if it wasn’t for her older sister Maxine dragging her to England. However, once she gets to Hart House, it’s natural for her to take over the catering for the big events that help support the estate.
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The British Are Coming: Arthur

How could she fall in love with a villain?
Meg Stanton is a successful thriller writer with a bad case of writer’s block. She’s come to the tiny town of Ponsford in England looking for a quiet place to write. When she meets Arthur Denby, the owner of the local pub, she takes one look at him and realizes she’s found the villain for her next book. He’s got that dangerous look combined with enough charm to be deadly.
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