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Nancy is happy to autograph books (she has printed bookplates for that very purpose) or send bookmarks. She also likes to hear raves, compliments, cyber champagne and questions. If you like one of Nancy's books and blog about it, or you post a review, use the form below to let Nancy know.

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    42 comments on “Contact Me”

    1. Hi, Nancy!

      Christmas is almost upon us and in honor of one of our favourite seasons, is having a two week Christmas Theme Feature from December 8th - December 21st on our Theme Week Spotlight page. We’d love to showcase The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home.

      Themed Weeks showcase three books a day. We’ll highlight your book page, book links, cover, your author page, and a book excerpt of your choice. We have over 180,000 viewers daily and will post your book to all of our social media sites – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and you’ll be in our bi-weekly mailout, which has almost 2,300 subscribers. The average reader is on our Themed Week Page for over three minutes and we have 3,000 new hits daily to our website.

      Themed Week books also have the option of joining in on our weekly Book Cover Contest Page for $10 more, which pits your cover against three others, and enters you to win a 1st Chapter Spotlight feature (a $40 value).

      Our Theme Week feature is $20 and payment can be made through http:/ and our email is

      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

      -Dani Sacrey

    2. Nancy I got a copy of the Japanese version of your French Kisses along with one of mine in that funny, arty Japanese styles. If you send me your mailing address I'll mail it to you.

    3. I cannot find the book,The Grandma who ran away for Christmas.My address is 15736 Eagleview Dr.Charlotte N.C. 28278.My phone is 704 469 9356.I cannot wait to read it,Thank you,Mrs. Lucille Zito

    4. Nancy, I enjoy reading your books but was kind of taken back in your book, Breakaway. There are no natural snakes in AK. The chances of running into one at that time of year would be very rare. The little cold blooded crawly things just can't stay warm enough. Just thought you would like to know. There may be some garter snakes around civilation, but rattler would show his face!

      1. Hi Kat, I absolutely cannot believe I did that. I am mortified! Thanks for the catch. If only it were a self-published title I could fix the manuscript and republish. Thanks for letting me know.

    5. Just finished Frosted Shadow on my Kindle. Loved it, and ranked it 5 stars. Did find a few errors though, and an including those. Hope they help. I love to read,but am NOT a proofreader. I do ,however, proof my own emails and know how difficult it is to see one's own errors, since our brains 'know' what we meant to write, and that is what they see.

      "...choosing colors that compliment(sic) a woman's coloring..." COMPLEMENT

      "...several thousand woman(sic)...' WOMEN

      "What time they were(sic) getting together?" WERE THEY

      "...and that of Nicole's(sic)." NICOLE

      "Always the detective, she though(sic)..." THOUGHT

      "...and drying machines big enough to shampoo a(sic)..."
      Shanpoo a what?

      "...jabbing him in the solar plexis(sic)." PLEXUS

      "Seen me without a snitch(sic) of makeup on." STITCH

      PS Sorry, but I don't do Facebook or Twitter.

    6. I just finished the 2nd of the To i Diamond series. Love these books so far! Can't wait for the 3rd one!!!

    7. Nancy,

      I've absolutely loved reading the Toni Diamond books!!!! I was disappointed to find there wasn't a third book. I love Toni's sassy nature, and incurable need to find answers. I can relate to Toni's character. I also love the relational development between Toni and Luke. Please consider writing a third book.

      Thank you for the fun adventure!

      Brittany Poff

    8. Nancy - Thanks for making Kiss a Girl in the Rain a freebie. I picked it up a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it. I then bought the next two in the series - I just finished Iris in Bloom and am starting Blueprint for a Kiss. Fun reads, and I always love meeting a new family full of potential HEA's. I hope you are planning to continue the series with the rest of the family!

    9. Hi Nancy-
      Came across your Toni Diamond books and have read them both and enjoyed them. When is the next Toni Diamond due out? It is not often I find something enjoyable to read.

    10. I was wondering if the three Toni diamond book are all or are there more. I just loved all three books.

      1. Thanks so much, Marlene! There will definitely be more. Join my mailing list and like my Facebook page to be the first to find out when 🙂

    11. Hi Nancy, I just read the first three Take A Chance books and loved them. I would like to know when the next book(s) will be coming out? Actually I'm looking forward to reading the next eight books. What a cool family! So far my favorite has been Evan although Iris and Prescott weren't too shoddy. Thanks for this great story line.
      Sincerely, Michelle

      1. Thanks so much Michelle, the answer to that question is in the newsletter I'm sending out today! Why don't you sign up at

        ((PS the answer is early April))

    12. I received a copy of The Almost Wives Club through net galley it is the first book of yours I have read I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon!

    13. purchased Kiss a girl in the rain through amazon, some pages have been left out. such as evans life list is not complete, the page after he speaks of his mom sending the list with the card she made. and that is just in the first few pages. please help.

      1. Hi Fran, so sorry you had that experience. Did you manage to figure out the problem? Kiss a Girl in the Rain is free on Amazon right now, why don't you try downloading it again. Are you reading it on a Kindle device?

    14. Nancy, I just this minute finished the NetGalley ARC of "Kate"....I haven't even started writing the review yet. I just signed up for the newsletter. What a fun book!

    15. Love the Almost Wives Club books!!! On number 4....

      Will definitely check out your other books.
      I signed up f o r your newsletter, but how do I get the free e book, in my
      email box?

    16. Hi Nancy,
      Wondering if you would be interested in visiting and talking with my writing class. They are in the process of writing a romance novel. There are 10 students in the class.

      Thank you!

    17. Comment on: #MyFakeFiancée (2011)
      I enjoyed the conflict and the sizzling sex.
      I loved the self styled, independent and chic #ChelseaHammond
      Her cooking delights had my tongue watering. Makes me wanna go start some cooking classes☺️
      #DavidWoolfe didn't do it for me. I prefer the self made Alpha Male arrogant hunks.

      Much love

    18. I just signed in for your free book. Thank you. However the reason I am on your website it to let you know that After Shocks isn't on Goodreads. Since I read a lot I keep track of the books with Goodreads. I just picked up my first book from you and tried to log it into goodreads. I may be that you don't use Goodreads but if you do you might want to put After Shocks in it.

    19. Nancy -

      I was just compiling a list for friends of romance fiction with dogs - and, of course, I included The Fourteen Million Dollar Poodle. I wish this novella was available for Kindle, so I could gift it to friends. I just joined your mailing list and can't wait to read more of your work!

    20. Hi Nancy, Do you know if you will be adding the Take a Chance series to your Kindle Unlimited offerings? I love the series. Thanks.

    21. I have fallen in love with your wonderful vampire knitting club and I really hope there are plenty more to come...I do think you are cruel to end pearls and potions on a kiss 💋 and now we are left hanging waiting for more vampire/witch romance.

    22. I love your Vampire Knitting Club books. I have read the whole series and I am waiting for the next book. Please tell you are going to write another book in this series.

    23. Hi Nancy: I purchased the first five books in the Vampire Knitting Club series. I enjoyed reading these stories, but was very disappointed to learn that the last two books in the series are not available in paperback, only in Kindle.
      I do not particularly care for electronic reading, I don't own a Kindle, but would like to complete the series. Will these last two books be available in paper form?

    24. Could you please let us know when book 6 through to your current Vampire Knitting Club books will be out in audio? Thank you!

      1. Hi Maggie, Tantor does the audio for Vampire Knitting Club so I'm not completely sure. I'll send out a newsletter as I have more news. Best, Nancy

    25. Read your first book & loved it. Tried to download tangles & treason,
      The download has not arrived. Tried to find the code again but can't.
      How do I get this back., yours hopefully. Irene

      1. Irene, can you use my contact form? If you email me I'll make sure and send you a code for the download. If anyone else has the same problem use the contact form and let me know.

        Thanks, Nancy

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